Sound Search for Google Play


You don't recognize a song? Google will tell you what it is



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Sound Search for Google Play is an official Google app that tells you the name of any song that is currently playing, just like other, similar apps like Soundhound or Shazam do.

Sound Search for Google Play is very easy to use. You just add the widget to the desktop of your Android device, and each time that you hear a song that you like but don't recognize, you click on it. In a matter of seconds, Sound Search for Google Play will tell you the name of the song, the artist, and the album. What's more, it will allow you to access the Google store in order to buy the song directly.

Sound Search for Google Play is a very useful app. While it doesn't offer quite as many features as the aforementioned Shazam or Soundhound do, it does have a very elegant and simple interface, which is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their telephone minimalist.

Requires Android 4.0 or later.

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